Skyline Sydney in the early "Blue Hour"
Skyline Sydney in the early "Blue Hour"


A panoramic image depicts a field of view considerably wider than the one that can be captured in one exposure, and it tells a more complex story and draws the viewer of the image closer to the feeling of what it was like to be there. To make a panorama, you take several shots that capture overlapping sections of the scene. Then you use imaging software to seamlessly stitch the single images together.


Panoramas represent a different way of capturing impressive city skylines and the beauty of nature, and they allow to present the panoramas in large-size prints. Panoramas gain information, detail and resolution: Stitch several sections together and you've multiplied your resolution, and thus your enlarging possibilities. This is significant for high-quality and large format fine-art printing.



My passion is to capture the actual look of the major skylines from as many as possible directions. In the past 20 years thousands of photos in panoramic, standard, horizontal or vertical format have been shot. My goal is to make aesthetic photos of the Frankfurt Skyline, other skylines and landscapes worldwide.


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